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Shaped to PEARLfection...

Shaped to PEARLfection...

Pearls come in a variety of different shapes, due to pearls are natural organic substances. There are four primary pearl shapes: round, semi-round, drop, baroque.


  • Round Pearls-are perfectly spherical and are considered to be the most popular and valuable.
  • Semi-Round Shaped Pearls-have microscopic irregularities compared to perfectly round pearls that make them slightly less valuable.
  • Drop Shaped Pearls-It looks almost like a teardrop or a drop of water shape.
  • Baroque Shaped Pearls-are irregular in shape, with no two being exactly the same. They are completely asymmetrical compared to round pearls. Baroque pearls are cherished for their uniqueness.
  • Besides four primary shapes, Freshwater Pearls also have more different unique shapes:
  • Button shape-Button pearls are flattened to some degree, making them resemble a button rather than a perfect sphere.
  • Coin shape-these pearls are round and flat, like a coin.
  • Stick shape-these pearls are also known as BIWA pearls, and they are long, flat, and narrow, like a stick.
  • Cross shape-a very special type of baroque pearl, the pearl forms in the shape of a cross.
  • Keshi pearls-these pearls are one of baroque pearls and happen when the mollusk rejects the seed but continues to develop the pearl, so they do not have a center particle. They are elongated shape and lustrous.


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